A lazy susan pantry, how to design and build your own pantry.

Published: 20th May 2008
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Our lazy susan pantry design started when my wife finally got disgusted with the problem of trying to reach and find items in the back of our kitchen storage pantry, and so did I. The pantry storage closet beside our kitchen was a problem, it had 5 shelves from ceiling to floor and was so deep that you could store a lot of stuff in there, but you couldn't get to over half of it with out pulling a bunch of stuff off of the shelves.

I researched the available solutions at the local hardware stores and was appalled at the wasted spaces they left in the pantry. So I made a pantry design for a 6 shelf Lazy Susan with corresponding back shelves that utilized all the space and wasted very little. This is a great do it yourself project.

Our pantry is a trapezoid shape that is 23" deep, 27" wide at the back and 41" wide at the front and 76 inches high. I wanted to make the Lazy Susan as large as possible so that we all could reach into the back of the pantry easily. The trick was to find the center of pantry entrance and still clear the pantry door as the Lazy Susan swung around. Once I found this point I hung a plum bob from top inside of the pantry to the point I marked on the floor as the center of the pantry door.

I would suggest that you make a poster board template of the pantry floor to make all your measurements and drawings. Each shelf has a different dimension so make sure you know the largest and smallest dimensions. You should be able to come up with one set of dimensions that will work for all shelves. The shelves can then be cut to the smallest dimension and they should fit in any location.

I built this 6 shelf lazy susan pantry into the closet, it is easy to get to all of the food items in the pantry including those items on the back shelf and all the items on the lazy susan swing out for easy access. My wife loves it and so do I.

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A lazy susan pantry, how to design and build your own pantry.

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